Third day of Chinese New Year Festive

Hmm .. recently my boss told me to speak more . Express more about how I feel because I always kept everything inside .

I’m not good in english but I would love to give a try rather than do nothing about it .

Its not that I want to kept it by myself , its just that sometimes what I might say could hurt others feeling because the environment I grown up .. wasn’t so nice , so I must say . I could be rough , harsh or heartless – maybe .

I’ve been misunderstood so many times . So I try my best not to do the same thing again and again .

Okay ,

I work in departmental store – in the big city . Usually it’s very busy . Today really quiet day and I believe that all the customer still celebrating the festive . Some went holiday overseas and some spend time with their families in the hometown . So that’s why I had a lots of free time to browse around about WORDPRESS .

Oh yes , before I decided to post this entry . I’ve read more than 20 post today from Freshly Pressed  . All of it were great ! Some of the post really make my eye teary .. its really reach my heart . All of them were a great writer . For that , thank you so much for sharing .

Still , those who celebrating Chinese New Year , please take good care of yourself and drive safely .

Finally , I can make a good use of my mobile phone instead of playing games . LOL

Gong Xi Fatt Chai !

p/s : Pardon my grammar ! >.<

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