Today’s Feelings .

Read about the father loves his children . Well , I never get scolded for being naughty last time . Bcuz they weren’t there for me .

I grew up by myself along the way with my other two big brother . Ish

We just simply do whatever we wants and what’s right or wrong – we just don’t know and that’s doesn’t really matter .

We always had this silent communication where we just know how to delegate our daily routine and yeah we always beat each other up too .


As for now , both brother doesn’t talk much because something went wrong few years ago . I guess this will continue for another few year .

If the brothers just a kid – I’ll surely bang their head each other . LOL

I missed them ..

Don’t know what got me to be sentimental suddenly . This sentiment is good once awhile but not good all the time .

As my daily basis job is quite challenging and I can’t afford to be mushy airheaded with my position now .

God knows better !

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