It’s Not Just LGBT That The Sochi Games Are Hurting – Here’s Seven Other Reasons Putin’s Games are Shameful

Central Eurasia Standard


The Sochi Games have already brought a lot of attention to shameless corruption and gross violations of human rights in Russia, all the while revealing the deterioration of state institutions. Thus, as a political prestige-boosting enterprise, the 2014 Winter Olympics are already a failure.

                                    – Pavel K. Baev, for the Jamestown Foundation


The Olympics have become a prism through which Russia amplifies its message to the world, while downplaying the assaults on humanity, the environment, and the law that have become necessary to achieve the show everyone expects to see.

                                    – Brett Forest, for National Geographic


Putin can try to distract the global community by releasing members of Pussy Riot and political prisoners like Mikhail Khodorkovsky, but even these high profile announcements can’t take away from the shameful human rights violations that built Sochi – literally. They can’t distract from the…

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