Desert Shadow

Hanne T. Fisker Photography

Desert Shadow

are we
in contrast
to our

“The colorful Arava Mountains stretches behind me as far as my eyes can see.
A subtle yet deeply familiar sensation awakens in me, a sensation I throughout
the years have come to trust.
How will it be to walk from Jerusalem to Eilat?”

“All senses are sharpened as I disappear into the timeless roar of the still;
a homecoming to the infinite and the natural lightness and freedom of my soul.
Despite an aching body from the many strenuous kilometers through wadis, up
and down steep mountains, along rough crater edges and the extra weight on my back.
Despite bleeding inflamed blisters that feels like walking on broken glass.
My body is an ocean of burning pain, my heart is light as a feather carried
by the desert wind…”

“Now, almost 2 years after my time in the desert, it still happens…

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