Galleries, museums, and sticky fingers

Mummy Says...

When Milin was four months old, his daddy started taking him to Wellington’s City Gallery fairly regularly. I had gone back to working in the newsroom on Sundays and so my two boys had a long day to spend together. They’d often come in and see me during the day, and the gallery was nearby.

Milin at four months, and then five, six, and seven… would look wide-eyed at the colours, shapes and lights around him. His daddy would talk to him about what they saw and would also no doubt enjoy indulging a little in a gallery trip. As Milin got older, trips to museums and other galleries followed.

Never did I ever question whether or not we should have allowed him into these quiet buildings full of serious folk and valuable exhibits.

But a recent photograph of a toddler climbing over a multi-million pound sculpture at the Tate…

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