Why You Can Never Leave the TV Industry

TV Types

Exit sign Your script meeting has been postponed till 6pm because the exec’s guinea pig is sick and so you’re cancelling your first date in months, meaning you’ve been wearing the shirt with the prickly fabric all day for nothing. And the printer’s broken.

“This is it” you vow, when you finally join your flatmates in the pub just missing last orders and having to drain their cider dregs. “I’m leaving TV.” But you will not leave TV, even at your most adamant and even if you try. Here’s why:

You are essentially paid a lot for not a lot.
Yes we’ve all done that equation where you divide your rate by the hours you actually work and announce that “really, I’m on less than the minimum wage!” But there is a counter equation and if you worked out how many of your working hours are what the general population would count…

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