Emily Schleiger

Rachel, waiting for her upgrade to OS2, stared at the red screen of her laptop, and fidgeted.  What would dating an OS be like?  She wondered.

Prematurely, she envisioned the details of the wedding.  What kind of fancy stand might she need, to place the smartphone at eye level so she could easily kiss the camera at the end of the ceremony?  Who would fill the guest seats on the groom’s side?  How would she explain her love to her great grandma, who still only had a landline rotary phone?

A male voice startled her from her thoughts. “Welcome to the world’s second artificially intelligent operating system.”

She grinned, and shouted at her screen like she was at a drive-thru restaurant with a broken microphone.  “HI!  I’m Rachel!  Wow, I love your voice, it’s great!  What’s your name?  I—“

The voice slowly interrupted.  “Hi Rachel—I’m not your OS.  I…

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