Stem cell sharing – part 1

Marshallian Surplus

Some years back, I joined the British Bone Marrow Registry. It was a simple process, just an extra sample was taken during a blood donation session. A card with my registry ID number has sat in my wallet since then and I’ve thought little of it.

Last week: I received a letter from the BBMR saying I am a potential donor for a patient, likely someone suffering from leukaemia (leukemia for those in the US) or other blood disorder. Included was a booklet all about the process from Anthony Nolan.

You're a match booklet from Anthony Nolan The booklet from Anthony Nolan. It’s a more in-depth version of this page.

I made a quick phone call to answer some health questions, and an appointment at my doctor’s surgery for a blood sample. A week later, I went to the nurse with the sample kit the BBMR posted out to me. After 2 minutes of painless blood…

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